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Motivational and Encouragement

Providence has given each one of us another day. That day may be a day full of sunshine, rain, dark clouds or thunderstorms. Regardless of the condition of that day, Providence has provided another opportunity for each one of us to make right the wrongs, forgive those who may have aggrieved us and even recommit ourselves to that path we may have forgotten or cast aside. Some of us may be dealing with sickness, heartache, financial – emotional – marital or occupational issues that seem dire or undefinable.  


However, the invisible Hand of Providence may be working behind the scenes, behind the heartache and pain to motivate us to keep going! Keep going my friend, do not let the external, finite problems of this day – stop you from moving forward! Keep going my friend; you will make it if you keep going!

J. Shavers 2002

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